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Affiliate Program Information

Product Description: This ebook consists of 46 pages about reconditioning and caring for various batteries. Also included is a 4 page report on how to profit from reconditioning batteries. This is a great product for email blasts and has proven to be a high converter for energy related lists.

Product Analytics: Click here to view
Main Sales Page: www.reconditionbattery.com
Clickbank Affiliate Link: http://xxxxx.reconbatt.hop.clickbank.net (replace the x's with your ID)
Product Price: $49.97 (downsell price of $37, upsell price of $27)
$ Payout: $33.90
% Payout: 75%

Affiliate Material >>

Affiliate Tips - Helpful tips to promoting this product
Affiliate Link Generator - Choose your sales page, add your PPC tracking details + more!
Keywords - Converting keywords for PPC campaigns, article marketing and other tactics.
Articles - Copy and paste these articles directly into your web site. Note: You should edit them for better SEO.
Banners & Graphics - Promote your affiliate link with our professionally designed banners.
Affiliate FAQ - Please refer to our FAQ before emailing us as your question may already be answered for you.

Affiliate Tips >>

My personal pre-selling tips for Recondition Battery.com:

1. Get personal on your web site Introduce yourself, use a picture of yourself and be friendly with your visitors.

2. Collect emails (in a subtle manner).

3. Use testimonials where people thank YOU for the recommendation. EG. "Hey Bob, thanks for letting me know about Reconditionbattery.com.. etc"

4. Make your web site 3rd party! This is important. Your web site should not look affiliated with the product, especially if your web site is reviewing the product.

5. Use a clean design with soft graphics. Fancy graphics will over power your page.

6. Use multiple pages. Make a complete web site not just a single page lander. Send your visitors to different pages depending on what they search for. EG. Restore car battery, fix laptop battery, recondition lead acid battery, etc.

7. Using a review style site increases conversions. Be sure to list our product as #1!

8. Target your PPC campaigns as tight as possible to reduce your CPC.

9. Track your conversions at keyword level! Use software such as Xtreme Conversions if possible.

10. Do not think that Google is the only profitable search engine. There is also MSN, Yahoo, 7 Search + many more!

11. Go natural! PPC is much faster however if your on a tight budget try to get your web site. in the natural listings. Click here to see how to get to the top of MSN quickly.

12. Always split test your PPC ads. To do this you should always have 2 or 3 ads running at the same time. Every couple of weeks check to see what ad has the higher click through rate. Re-write the lower performing ad. Note: A higher click through rate will improve your campaigns quality score which means you will end up paying less per click.

Affiliate Link Generator>>

Note: The only value you must submit is you Clickbank ID, all other values are optional. If you want to know more about each option please click the question mark next to it.

Our link generator will allow you to easily generate a custom affiliate link.

You will be able to choose what target page to send your traffic to plus you can can choose if you want to display a live presenter or an exit offer. To test out what each of these options look like you can fill out the form, click submit and click on the link that is generated.

Note: You will need to refresh the page if you want to test out more than one option.

Your Link: Preview website

Keywords >>

Below is a general list of main keywords.

recondition battery
recondition batteries
restore battery
restore batteries
repair battery
repair batteries
fix battery
fix batteries

Build your list: To build your list take the above keywords and add phrases like: how to, book, guide, at home, cheap.
Also, replace and add car battery, laptop battery, drill battery etc.

NOTE: You should match these keywords to the related target page using our link generator. For more keywords we recommend using software such as Keyword Elite.

These keywords may be used for PPC campaigns or your can write keyword rich articles to drive traffic to your list. Be sure to always track what keywords are making you sales. You can use a TID for every keyword (which will take a long time to setup manually) or you can use something like Xtreme Conversions to automatically assign a unique TID for every keyword.

Articles >>

You may use the below articles to promote our site only. You will achieve better results if you edit the articles to make them unique.
Click on the article you would like to use and copy the entire article. You can edit them using your own text editor then upload them to your web site.

The below links are the target keywords used in the articles.

Improve battery life

Li-Ion, the battery of choice
Ni-Cad rechargable battery
Ni-Mh, the long life battery
The benefits of lead acid batteries


Email Templates >>

We have some ready made emails so you can simply blast your list to generate a handsome profit.

2 Part email series (.docx)
Feel free to write your own series or add more email the the above.

Banners & Graphics >>

To use our banners you may upload them to your own server or your can hot link them from our server.

To upload banners to your own server right click on the banner you would like to use. Select "Save image as". Save the image somewhere on your computer. Then upload the image to your own server. You will then need to use the below HTML on your web page to display the image:

<a href="http://xxxxx.reconbatt.hop.clickbank.net"> <img src="http://www.yourdomainname.com/images/bannerfilename.jpg"> </a>
Replace xxxxx with your Clickbank ID and replace the image location with the correct URL.

To hot link the images from our server simply use the HTML below:

<a href="http://xxxxx.reconbatt.hop.clickbank.net"> <img src="http://www.reconbattenergy.com/affiliates/bannersandgraphics/bannerfilename.jpg"> </a>
Replace xxxxx with your Clickbank ID and replace bannerfilename.jpg with the correct file name.

To find out the banner file name right click on the banner you would like to use and select properties. The banner file name will be at the end of the URL.

Affiliate FAQ >>

How much does the current top affiliate make?
We would like to keep this type of information private so please do not ask.
Do the top affiliate's use PPC?
Yes. Mainly Google but also Yahoo and MSN
Do you support conversion tracking?

Yes. Please use our affiliate link generator so setup your conversion tracking.

What is the conversion rate?
This varies a lot due to different traffic sources. Some affiliates will have a 1:10 (tight PPC campaigns with presell) conversion rate while others will have a 1:100+ conversion rate.
Do you have a list of high converting keywords?
Please see the keywords at the top of this page. I am not going to give out exact keywords lists because that will then increase the bidding price of some keywords and make them less profitable for affiliates. Please expand the top level keywords above.
Why does Google show more conversions thank Clickbank?

When using the Google conversions code on the thank you page you may notice that Google shows more conversion than Clickbank does. Many affiliates think this is a Clickbank problem but its not!

So if you plan to use your google conversion ID in your affiliate link, or if you already are and you notice more Google conversions than clickbank conversions, this is what's happening:

A Visitor clicks on your google ad, then decides to click the back button to research the product a little more. They then decided to purchase but this time it is from another affiliates link.

Google will still record this as a sales for you because your ad was clicked. Google does not know that the visitor clicked on another affiliate link.

It’s best to think of google conversions as either sale assists or sales.

What you can do is either assign a unique TID for each keyword manually (this can be very time consuming), or use software to assign the TIDS automatically. Software such as Xtreme Conversions can do this.

What country are most sales from?
Most sales are from the USA. Other converting countries are CA, UK, AUS.
Can I use parts of your web site in my web site or video?
Yes, you have permission to positively promote reconbattEnergy as a Clickbank affiliate by using parts of our web site.
How much affiliate support can you offer me?
I can offer as much support as possible. I try to respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours.

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